Graduate Students

Student Year Completed Dissertation/Thesis title Present position
Babkir Ali 2017 Development of life cycle water demand footprints for the energy pathways
Babatunde Olateju 2016 Techno-economic assessment of sustainable large-scale hydrogen production from renewable and non-renewable sources Manager, Carbon Capture and Utilization, Alberta Innovates
Mahdi Vaezi 2014 Experimental and techno-economic studies of pipeline hydro-transport of agricultural residue biomass to a biorefinery Assistant Professor, College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Northern Illinois University
Arifa Sultana 2011 Assessment of densified biomass for fuels and chemicals Bioenergy Progam Advisor
Regulatory and Compliance
Environment and Parks
Ana Teresa Morato Lopez 2018 Generating Electricity from Agricultural Residue Biomass in Bolivia; A GIS and Techno-economic Analysis
Elvis Ibadin 2018 Techno-economic analysis of the production of pure CO2 from flue gases via the monoethanolamine and ammonia capture processes Research Assistant, U of A
Sahil Kapila 2018 Techno-economic and life cycle assessment of large energy storage systems Operations Associate, Westbridge Cabinets
Spandan Thaker 2018 Development of Levelized Cost of Electricity, Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Net Energy Ratio of Solar-based Thermal Energy Storage Systems
Edson Nogueira 2017 Life cycle assessment and water footprint of diluent and hydrogen production via thermochemical conversion of algae biomass
Matthew Davis 2017 The development of a technology-explicit bottom-up integrated multi-regional energy model of Canada  Research Engineer, U of A
Mohammad Ahsan Ullah 2017 Techno-economic assessment of utilization of food processing waste for production of energy and chemicals
Krishna Sapkota 2017 Techno-economic and life cycle assessments of oil sands products and LNG supply chains from Canada to Asia-Pacific and Western Europe Energy Marketing Internship, TransAlta
Adeoye Moronkeji 2017 The development of a framework for modeling greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios in the electricity generation sector Senior Policy Analyst, Alberta Energy
Md.Hossein Ikthair Soiket 2017 Life cycle assessment (LCA) of oil sands-derived transportation fuels produced from the vapor solvent-based extraction process. Process Engineer, Nexans Canada
 Nikhil Agrawal 2017  Development of integrated model for assessment of water and GHG footprints for power generation sector CLEAResult Consulting Inc., Energy Engineer
Hafiz Umar Shafique 2017 Development of a framework for the assessment of energy demand-based GHG mitigation options for the pulp and paper sector Energy Market Analyst, TransAlta
Md. Ahsan Ullah 2017 Techno-economic assessment of utilization of food processing waste for production of energy and chemicals  Research Engineer
Hossein Lotfizadeh 2016 Techno-economic analysis of combined solar water heating systems in cold climate regions Canada Technology
Giovanni Di Lullo 2016 Uncertainty in life cycle assessments of well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions of transportation fuels derived from various crude oils PhD student, U of A
Sara Mohajerani 2016 Techno-economic assessment of the gas-to-liquid and coal-to-liquid processes
Azadeh Seif 2016 Reliability assessment and energy modeling for Alberta’s oil sands surface mining equipment
Alain Wong 2015 Life cycle assessment of lignocellulosic biomass conversion pathways to hydrogenation derived renewable diesel  –
Ratan Raj 2015 Techno-economic and life cycle assessment of liquefied natural gas supply chains from Canada to Asia-Pacific UFLP Supply Chain Management Trainee, Unilever
Ezinwa Agbor 2015 Biomass co-firing with coal and natural gas  –
Mohib ul-Haque Khan 2015 Development of a decision-making framework for solid waste management using GIS-based site selection and an economic comparison Market Policy Analyst, Government of Alberta
Hassan Shahrukh 2015 Energy return on investment and techno-economics of pellet production from steam-pretreated biomass Energy Management Reporting Analyst, City of Edmonton
Anum Dar 2015 The development of a  framework for the water demand and supply model for Alberta Sales specialist, Schneider Electric
Md Mustafizur Rahman 2014 Life cycle assessment of North American conventional crudes for production of transportation fuels Lecturer, Islamic University of Technology
Aman Verma 2014 Life cycle assessment and greenhouse gas abatement costs of hydrogen production from underground coal gasification Office of Transp. & Air Quality, U.S. Env. Protection Agency
Balwinder Nimana 2014 Life cycle assessment of transportation fuels from Canada’s oil sands through development of theoretical engineering models HeadCount Corp.
Marziyeh Bonyad 2014 The development of a framework for the assessment of energy demand-based greenhouse gas mitigation options for Alberta’s agriculture sector  –
Ruhul Kabir 2012 Life cycle assessment of biomass conversion pathways Graduate Engineer, Nova Chemicals
Patrick Miller 2012 Renewable diesel production from canola and camelina Development Engineer, Talisman Energy Inc.
Jignesh Thakkar 2012 Carbon sequestration through charcoal production  Safeway Canada Ltd.
Geekiyanage D.M. Dassanayake 2011 Utilization of triticale straw for power generation Technical Services, Aecon Group Inc.
Amit Thakur 2011 Power generation from forest biomass Management Trainee, Flint Energy Services Limited
Jason Luk 2010 Pipeline transport of wheat straw slurry  Ph.D. Student, U of T
Veena Subramanyam 2010 Development of GHG options for Alberta’s energy sector Corporate Development Engineer, Alter NRG Corp.
Thanyakarn Pootakham 2009 Bio-oil transport by pipeline Site Engineer (Piping), Grizzly Oil Sands ULC
Hossein Safaei Mohamadabadi 2009 Characterization and pipelining of biomass slurries Manager, Development & Planning, DNO ASA, Norway
Susanjib Sarkar 2009 Hydrogen production from biomass Snamprogetti Canada
Shikhar Singh 2009 Development of water consumption factor for biomass Senior Engineer, Stantec Canada

Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates

Name              Research period          Position         Current Position
Hao Zhang Sept. 2015-June 2016 PDF Assistant Professor, James Madison University
Siddharth Jain May 2015-Aug. 2015 PDF Associate Professor, College of Engineering, Roorkee, India
Samane Ghanderhariun Sept. 2013-Aug. 2015 PDF     –
Sonia Ghatora Oct. 2012-Jan. 2015 PDF     –
Xiaolei Zhang June 2013-Dec.  2014 PDF Lecturer, School of Mech. and Aerospace Eng., Queen’s Universit,y Belfast, Ireland
Pouria Ahmadi Sept.-Oct. 2014 PDF     –
Alam Mondal Mar.-Nov. 2014 PDF Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC
Veena Subramanyam Sept. 2012-Sept. 2014 RA Corporate Development Engineer, Alter NRG Corp.
Christina Canter June 2013-June 2014 PDF Postdoctoral Associate, Argon National Laboratory, USA
Deepak Paramishivan Dec. 2012-Dec. 2013 PDF       –
Arifa Sultana Nov. 2011-Mar. 2012 PDF Project Specialist, AI-EES

Undergraduate Students/Summer Interns

Name Research period Home University
Rajshekhar Singhania May 2018 – July 2018 UG student, IIT Kharagpur
Srijian Neogi May 2018 – July 2018 UG student, IIT Kharagpur
Harshvardhan Gedam Jan. 2017 – May 2017 UG student, IIT Kharagpur
David Pier Jan. 2017 – Mar. 2017 UG student, RWTH Aachen University
Aishwarya Iher May 2-July 15, 2016 UG student, IIT Bombay
Guarav Garg May 2-July 15, 2016 UG student, IIT Roorkee
Samya Sen May 2-July 15, 2016 UG student, IIT Kharagpur
Shubham Verma May 12-Aug. 6, 2015 UG student, IIT Varanasi
Pritam Roychaudhuri May 5-July 10, 2015 UG student, IIT Bombay
Rachit Vashist May 4-July 10, 2015 UG student, IIT Karaghpur
Jessica Ma June-August 2014 UG student, University of Toronto
Anupam Mohanty May-July 2014 UG student, IIT Kharagpur
Ravi Suman May-July 2014 UG student, IIT Kharagpur
Priyanshu Desaraju May-July 2013 UG Student, IIT Bombay
Yash Bhargava May-July 2013 UG Student, IIT Bombay
Surojit Ganguli May-July 2012 UG Student, IIT Guwahati
Anil Katta May-July 2012 UG Student – IIT Kharagpur
Tejas Shah May-July 2012 UG Student, IIT Bombay
Yash Shah May-July 2012 UG Student, IIT Bombay
Shrenik Bothra May-July 2012 UG Student, IIT Bombay
Peter Gilbert May-July 2012 UG Student, Univ. of Wisconsin Madison
Sushmita Mantri May-July 2012 UG student, NIT Trichi, India
Joythi Bylappa May-July 2011 UG student, IIT Kharagpur
Vivek Pandey May-July 2011 UG student, IIT Kharagpur
Daniel Michaud Sept-Dec 2010 UG student, University of Alberta
Henrik Fernandes May-Aug 2009 UG student, University of Alberta
Jason Luk Jan-Apr 2006 & Jul-Aug 2008 Graduate student, University of Alberta
Vasilios Stathis July-Aug 2008 UG student

Research Assistants

Name  Time period
Harshvadan Gedam Jan.-June 2017
David Pier Jan.-March 2017
Asif Ankur Feb.-May 2013
Mustafa Tanveer Hasan May 2012-Apr. 2013
Md. Fuad Abrar Jan.-June 2012
Vikram Kundu July-Dec. 2011
Susanjib Sarkar Sept. 2009-Jul. 2010
G.D.M. Dassanayake Feb.-Mar. 2009