Courses developed and taught at the University of Alberta:

Newly developed course: Energy Simulation and Modeling (ENG M 643): Methodologies for the simulation of energy systems. Energy forecasting and planning models. Modeling and forecasting of energy and environmental scenarios. The use of energy and environment database models. Decision support systems for the energy industry. Exposure to software relevant to the energy industry.

Newly developed course: Energy Auditing and Management (ENG M 508): Concepts and value of energy management and conservation. Methodologies for energy management in energy-intensive systems in various industries. Energy auditing methods and implementation. Energy accounting and economic analysis. Energy audits and maintenance. Exposure to software for energy auditing.

Newly developed course: Renewable Energy Engineering and Sustainability (MECE 643): Principles of renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, tidal, biomass, geothermal, and fuel cells. Environmental aspects of the implementation of renewable energy e.g., hydro and nuclear  sources. Energy conservation and conventional fossil fuel sources. New technologies and trends in renewable energy. The concept of sustainability and sustainable design for energy systems. Elementary economics of the implementation of renewable energy sources and related policy and social issues. The existing course curriculum was modified with new case studies, examples, and problems.

Financial Management for Engineers (ENG M 401): The application of the fundamentals of engineering economics, financial analysis, and market assessment to engineering alternatives in the planning, development, and ongoing management of industrial enterprises. The course covers the use of engineering, economic, financial, and market assessment information in investment and business operation decisions in technology-oriented companies.

Guest lectures in mechanical engineering and other Faculty of Engineering departments:

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (MECE 200): This course introduces the profession of mechanical engineering with a special emphasis on Alberta industries (gave lecture Fall 2005, Fall 2010, Winter 2013).

Energy Conversion (MECE 443): This course covers the sources, flow, and overall efficiency of use of various energy forms in society (gave lecture in Fall 2006).

Energy and Environment (CHE 594): This course introduces different types of primary and secondary energy resources (gave lecture in Fall 2011, Winter 2014).

New Program Initiatives

Energy Studies Program Committee – Chair: Organized Energy Studies Short Course at the University of Alberta - July 2-15, 2008 and Energy and Sustainability Studies Short Course in Tehran, Iran – May 29-June 3, 2010.